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Dragan Anastasov

Mayor of the Municipality of Probistip

Mayor competences

  1. The Mayor represents the municipality;
  2. The Mayor controls the legality of Council regulations;
  3. The Mayor announces the regulations of the Council in the official organ of the municipality;
  4. The Mayor ensures the implementations of Council decisions;
  5. The Mayor ensures execution of the duties  =delegated to the municipality by law;
  6. The Mayor initiates and proposes an adoption of regulations under the authority of the council;
  7. The Mayor proposes the annual budget and annual account of the municipal budget;
  8. The Mayor executes the municipal budget;
  9. The Mayor selects directors of public services established by the municipality on the basis of an open competition;
  10. The Mayor informs the Council regularly for carrying out his functions in accordance with their status;
  11. The Mayor determines in administrative matters for rights, obligations and interests of legal entities and individuals, in accordance with law;
  12. The Mayor conveys a book of regulations about jobs systematization in municipal administration;
  13. The Mayor heads the municipal administration;
  14. The Mayor decides about the employment, the rights, duties and responsibilities of the employed in the municipal administration, unless it is not differently assigned by law;
  15. The Mayor provides a lawful and proper use, conservation and protection of the municipal property, in accordance with the laws and the statute;
  16. The Mayor completes other matters established by law and statute;

The Mayor can authorize a managed officer in the municipality, in order to conduct the procedure and to decide about administrative matters, as well as sign acts.